To You!!

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“A glimpse through an interstice caught,
Of a crowd of workmen and drivers in a bar-room around the stove late of a winter night, and I unremark’d seated in a corner,
Of a youth who loves me and whom I love, silently approaching and seating himself near, that he may hold me by the hand,
A long while amid the noises of coming and going, of drinking and oath and smutty jest,
There we two, content, happy in being together, speaking little, perhaps not a word.”

This is how we started on our journey of Love. Your arrival into my life was like quenching of those thirsts, satiation of those hungers that I didn’t know hitherto existed. I had read much about the subconscious mind and its phenomenon but I actually came upfront with it when you started occupying it. I had resolved not to hand over my key to happiness to someone else but you became the definition of my happiness, rather I would call it my trance, my bliss. I had suffered such moments when my conscience had asked me to

“Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,
the photographs, the desperate notes,
peel your own image from the mirror.
Sit. Feast on your life.”

So, I was prepared not to give in to love so much this time. And you also didn’t ask anything in return of your unconditional love. And when you confessed that you had a selfish motive in talking to me (“I love listening to the clank in your laughter”, you had said) I knew I had lost it..to you! You gave me the wings to fly, you reignited the fire in me to follow my passion, to visit foreign universities, to appreciate the incredible beauties of this world. You always reinforced your confidence in me and you kept reminding my own dictum to me that my happiness should be fiercely independent in itself, (“No matter I am with you or not, I want you to be confident and happy as a person”).

And yes, you introduced me to the abbreviation LIFO and I am all set to explore this world..as Life indeed Is For Once!

You will always be a part of my existence..as much as the vast canvas of sky is mine, the unfathomable sea is mine and the seven colors of Sunlight are mine!!!

Word Photo Challenge: The Contagious Smile

If Happiness can be measured by the smile on your face then, this photograph tops the chart of my favourite bliss moments. I am the happiest when I am around my friends and this particular friend of mine can boast of the best smile on this earth..with her unfathomable dimples in both the cheeks. She has the magical wand that can efface all my gloomy moods and bring an automaton smile on my face. And the most intriguing thing about being together with her is that we can laugh at any topic under the sun or we can just look at each other meaningfully and burst into broad smiles. I feel really blessed to have her in my life.


Tasty Turned Toxic

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right now

She skipped a heartbeat when his tall n lanky frame entered the hotel lobby. ‘Oh my Gawwd! He effuses beauty!” She mumbled to herself. She wanted to run into his arms but good sense prevailed and she just waived a Hi to him to which he flashed his disarming smile that made his lips quiver to left side.

She retreated inside the room and he followed her. For a fragment of a second, they hesitated but then they clung to each other. She instantly felt that she belonged there..his sculpted biceps were around here slender body and his long and Artist’s fingers were caressing her softly. He smelt of a considerable dash of Adidas cologne and his favourite puff of Rothmans. This was a major turn on for her. She had also made sure that she smelled inviting with her favourite sandal flavour. After what seemed like ages, he took a step back and drank in her beauty, “ you have such lovely eye lashes and i am happy that i just learnt swimming otherwise i would have sunk in the depth of these eyes.” She gave a blushed smile. Inspite of her being reckoned a tall girl, he was considerably very tall. She was literally on her toes to match his height. After an intense lip lock, she regained her manners and offered him a glass of water. He guzzled down 2 glasses in one go. They knew so much about each other through chatting on FB for last one year and their similarities had drawn them close to each other..both of them were fond of drinking water..to cleanse their system and retain the sheen on their skins. They were both tall…had curly hair..reserved and very popular in their respective friend circles. They complimented each other too..they had their singular merits: he was Mr Bombay three years ago, she was famous for her command over English language. He was known for his incredibly good looks, she for her intelligence.

“ Let me a take a quick shower and then i will join you there,” he hinted towards the bed playfully and opened his smart trolley bag to take out his casuals. She was watching him doing his stuff dexterously..with a child like innocence on his face. He planted a peck on her cheeks before dashing into the aromatic bathroom.

“Let me order something refreshing for both of us and do a little bit of room keeping too” she dialled the room service and ordered two latte for them along with a plate of smoked fruitchat. She careened the trolley bag nicely inside the wardrobe, stuffed his shoes down beneath the almirah and lifted his jeans and shirt to hang them inside. Suddenly his wallet fell off the back pocket of his jeans and as reflex she peered it open and a trail of passport size photographs of his wife cascaded down. Hurriedly she put the photos back in the wallet, wallet back in the jeans and jeans back into the almirah. Something gnawed at her conscience and the taste of his kisses suddenly went bitter. She unconsciously tongued her lips. Her trance was broken by the noise of bathroom door opening. He stepped out of it freshly bathed, like an Apollo, his long curls hanging loosely on his fair forehead and around his sexy neck. He took her in his arms with such urgency that she forgot everything. She surrendered herself completely. She was sure of the divine intervention in their love. It was the most beautiful thing in her entire lifespan and nothing could be more pious than this. For last one year, he had made her feel beautiful, important, loved and respected. She could do anything for this man who was very down to earth inspite of his massive achievements.

The two days spent with him had compensated for the three decades of her love bereft life. They were holding hands each and every second when they were in the room and even when they took showers, the only exception being the time when he was in the balcony..smoking and calling his wife. On her part, she just messaged her husband goodnight and that it was a tiring day at the business associates meetings. They pooled in their savings to clear the hotel invoice. Afterall, their love deserved nothing less than a posh five star hotel. The parting was very painful for both. The tears in his eyes made him look vulnerably hot. He had to catch his flight and she had to go by taxi. So first she dropped him at the airport. Before entering the gate, he brushed his lips over hers and whispered, “Take good care of you. See you soon!” She was surprised as it was a brave thing for him to do so publicly…considering his shy demeanour. With heavy heart she sat inside the taxi and drove off to her destination. Her mute cell phone was showing 6missed calls of her husband. She felt too emotionally tired to call him. Instead she sent a text, “I am on my way back home”

The next two days were very heavy. She constantly kept checking her phone..listening to his imaginary calls. When she couldn’t bear it anymore, she called him. After just two rings, she heard, “the dialled number is busy” implying that he had disconnected the call. After a few seconds, she got his terse reply, “i am at home as my younger son is not well. So I have taken work from home.”

“Oh! Take care! My love and blessings to him!” she managed to revert back. She tried to gain strength by remembering the beautiful time they spent together but she couldn’t ward off the negative thoughts, “Did he not find me beautiful? I know I am on the broader side, i don’t conform to the stereotypical brand of beautiful girls. What if my command over language doesn’t mean anything to him! What if he didn’t approve of my curls..after all straights are so much in these days! I guess, he was not really enamoured of my kisses..I shouldn’t have held back that much.”

The third day he called, once he entered his fave SUV, Fortuner, “ Hi sweetheart! Whats up!”

“Hello hunk! I have just reached my office and now entering the meeting room.”

“Come on Baby! Hang on for a while! I am driving to office. So we can talk for another 20mintues.”

She looked at her watch. It was five minutes to 10 and people were gathering in the meeting room. So she sat on the plush sofa in the lounge to give five minutes to him. The lovey dovey talk sprawled on till he reached his office and he bade a smoochy bbye. For a change, this time she was the last one to enter the board meeting. A little embarrassed she went inside, making excuse of her son’s parents meeting at school.

Her monotonous life had suddenly taken an interesting turn. She had now somebody to share her thoughts with, her office struggles, her hostel stories of bygone years, her tantrum( thrown by her kids) dealing mechanisms, her wardrobe, her good mornings, her good nights etc etc. Her rendezvous with terrace multiplied in numbers as this was the safest place to talk with him. She suddenly felt very brave as she could run straight upstairs into the darkness and dense fog when he called.

When he didn’t call till 10.30, she tucked inside her duvet as it was a very long day. Just then he called her. She was sandwiched between her son and her husband. It took her sometime to extricate herself from their clutches before she reached the terrace. She sauntered there in the freezing chill and when she didn’t get the call again, she called him back. As a revert, the message flashed on her phone screen, “I am inside the room now. Can’t talk. Good night!” She stared at the screen, thinking whether he is the same man who is so mushy when he is outside his house! Fighting back her tears, she made a beeline to her bedroom.

Now, this was becoming the set pattern of their love story. She never thought twice before going out of the way to be with him on phone, while he had his comfort zones, his conditions. Her husband’s birthday was round the corner and she switched to a basic phone without the internet as she didn’t want to put her husband’s photo as her profile picture. No! She didn’t have the heart to make the newly found love of her life feel uneasy. After alll, the profile picture comes as the saving grace when they miss each other and the situations are not conducive enough to talk.

After 2 days, she shifted back to her smart phone and entered his name on the whatsapp contact list to have a look at his dashing photo but her heart sank when she saw her beautiful wife tucked in his arms with pink and red hearts strewn all over their photo. The status was stating loudly, “ Happy birthday my darling”. She found it hard to breathe and a pang of jealousy shot inside her heart. She felt giddy and slipped on to the bed. Her husband came rushing towards her, “Hey! What happened? Drink some water! Did you have something toxic in your last evening’s girls’ night out?’

She gulped the water down her throat and whispered, “Yes! I know of something toxic that I had!” and blocked the number that meant the world to her. Her small boy was excited to hear the new word and as usual volleyed towards her, “what’s toxic mamma?”

“A relationship could be!” her lips blurted out quietly. She swept him up in her arms and cuddled him tightly, “let’s watch Doraemon!”


Daily Prompt: Talisman: Peace Lilies

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Saying goodbye to her parents had always been a teary affair for her. This time when Dad had gone to see her off to the airport, he had embraced her for a bit longer than usual. She could feel his voice choking when he waved good bye to her. Both her parents used to kiss the inside of her palms to make sure that she doesn’t miss them much. When he kissed her palm this time, she could sense the wetness in his eyes.

“It is kind of a talisman in our family. The elders kiss the palms of the younger ones of the family so that they can go ahead and not feel homesick”, Mom had told her once.

“And what if the elders are not nearby? ”

“Then they plant the Peace Lily”, as always, Dad had offered an answer.

She knew Dad was always there with his vast knowledge that he had acquired with his incessant reading habits. “But this time, he has cooked up an answer”, She had winked to Mom.

She was going to England, the country of her favorite subject. The Air India airplane was larger than she had anticipated. Her seat was on the window side, just in front of the gate. She took out her cell phone and started calling her brother and sisters, as if it was the last time she was hearing their voice. She didn’t call Dad as he would be going to the hospital en route for his routine check up. The passenger sitting next to her was probably annoyed at her non stop jabbering and changed his seat. Luckily the plane was not full to its maximum capacity. The air hostesses were no match to the Indigo airlines airhostesses. She made a mental comparison of their uniforms. She didn’t approve of the drab kurti and straight pants of the airhostesses in her flight. But their mannerisms and mechanical politeness were intact. The eight and a half hour flight was done over with reveries about future and fantasizing at the physical geography of the area covered between New Delhi and Heathrow airport. She anticipated the welcoming embrace of Suraj at Heathrow and turned crimson.

The four day workshop on “Development Communication” went off very well, with a hell lot of learning experience and quick coffee sessions with the man of her dreams. “These sessions are way more quicker than the regular quickies”, Suraj chuckled, to which she didn’t have any option but to blush. She was packing her bag when the coordinator announced,” There are two more elective classes on Leadership skills and Advertisement layout..totally free of cost.”

The offer coming without a price tag was alluring enough for her to extend her trip and she hastily called her Dad,” Hi dad! Is it alright if I stay here for 2 more days. The university is offering 2 complimentary classes.”

“Sure baby! But I will have to go as per my schedule.”

“No worries Dad! Just hand over the key to Khanna aunty in flat number 201.”

After the two days complimentary classes, she boarded the flight to India and was surprised to see Bhaiya at the airport. Nobody was expected to receive her as she lived alone in Delhi. He hugged her tightly and uttered the shattering reality, “Dad has left us!”

The car took them straight to their parental house in Gaziabad.

Twenty days passed and she didn’t want to budge from her Mom’s side, but she had to resume her work. With heavy heart she reached Delhi. She fumbled in her purse for her room keys that she had collected from Khanna aunty downstairs. The flow of tears made a translucent film before her eyes,” the last touch on this lock was that of Dad. How carefully he would have double checked it!” She looked at her white palms and broke down at the vulnerability of her mom’s talisman. She went inside the room but found it suffocating. She immediately rushed to open the balcony door and was stupefied. In front of her were swaying the Peace Lilies!! Her Dad was here again…with his Talisman!! Tears of gratitude rolled down her cheeks….


Photo Challenge: Favorite Place: The Mustard Farm

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This is a vast farm near my colony where seasonal crops are grown but the place gets on extra zing when it is covered by the yellow and green blanket of the mustard crop. I visit this place when I am tensed, or have something to talk about with my friends or even when I just want to be with myself. The unalloyed joy of being in the serenity of Nature and the feel of pure oxygen on my face.. give me a solace that can’t be beaten by anything!

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Daily Prompt: Blush

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Divya stared at her screensaver that was a scrap sent by him that had “Soulmate” carved on it in westeria colour. Beneath were a few lines defining the word, “A person with whom you have an immediate connection the moment you meet- A connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before. As this connection develops over time, you experience a love so deep, strong, and complex, that you begin to doubt that you have ever truly loved anyone prior.” Aah!! such a deep and mushy thought that truly resonates with our relationship!

His thought was enough to trigger a smile on her face. She recalled their first meeting in a workshop on Human Rights that was set in a bucolic resort near Ghaziabad. She had gone there reluctantly, at the persistence of Neha, her ultra feminist friend..who was more famous as Neha de Beauvoir for the obvious reasons. Amongst all the dynamic speakers, a tall and demure boy caught her fancy. It seemed he was in his incipient phase of such workshops but the kind of reverence he was getting from his seniors was enough to intrigue her. As the programme was coming to an end, he was awarded for actually writing those fiery speeches, that were supposed to be a trailblazer to the society. She wanted to stay till the very end, but her cell phone was constantly ringing. It was 5th of March and her bestie was not going to celebrate her birthday without her. She had to rush back to the hostel. She knew, Neha wouldn’t budge from the event before the last person left the scene. She gathered her stuff and strutted off to the gate when she bumped into that Mr Demure. She laughed at her deft ability to nickname people instantly. “Ohh! I am so sorry! I was in such a hurry! By the way, you write so well!”

He didn’t blurt the regular ‘Aww, thank you so much!’ instead he flashed a stingy smile.

“Come on dude! No GST on smiles yet!!” She mumbled to herself and shouted at the first cab that she saw.

The evening was spent in the most boisterous manner. The girls had a chocolate truffle cake that was consumed to the last lick of the fingers. They hated the idea of wasting the yummy and expensive cake by smearing it on the faces. They ordered the aromatic rice in smokey lotus leaves, scalloped potatoes and spaghetti carbonara pie ( Ria’s enlightenment that those were actually comfort foods). A bucket of double sundae was bought as dessert to be relished late night at the room.

While she finally hit the bed, his restricted smile flashed before her.

“Why do I call him Mr Demure? Is it because my friends call me Demi Moore?” she brushed the idea aside, “No, I can’t think about him this much!”

Exactly ten days after this chance meeting, they again saw each other in the Fashion show organised by a local charity. Her bestie and she were dressed up for the occasion. She had worn her lilac evening gown and left her freshly ironed hair open. To her surprise, Mr D was also donning a smart attire. After sometime, she realised that he was actually the chief guest of the event! While they were having the high tea, she complimented his dressing sense and he flashed the now familiar-restricted-smile.

“Come On! Show some civility man!” She rebuked him mutely. As if he sensed it, he pulled her chin up and tucked the front tresses behind her ear. She was frozen. All her self confidence went for a toss!

It was a restless night back at the hostel. His face was all she could think of.

Apart from his writing skills and the aura that his personality exuded, what was the other thing that kept hounding her for days…she was still unsure.

The shrill beep of the laptop chat broke her trance. She looked at its clock, half an hour had passed..since she was siting there, waiting for his video call.

As she answered, his restricted smile pervaded the whole room with its radiance. He threw a flying kiss to her..that she instantly grabbed and savoured on her lips. She made a seductive pout towards him that never failed to break him into peels of laughter. Suddenly she caught the other thing in his personality that always pulled her towards him. Yes! It was his Blush!! His blushed eyes, his blushed cheeks, his blushed demeanour, all had swept her by her feet! It was six months since they were together..so much in love.. and it never mattered to her that he could not speak.