WPC: I’d Rather Be…Witnessing the glory of the Butterfly

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i would rather be

I would rather be wondering in awe at the breathtaking symmetry of the small butterfly at my terrace. Living in a concrete jungle, I can’t boast of a vernal garden in front of my house…but I have made up with a small terrace garden. You remember, once you introduced me to the word ‘ataraxia’, that you picked up during your academic trip to Greece? Yes! this is exactly what I feel when I am looking at the bright butterfly! You know, this butterfly is not just a perfect blend of our favourite colours (yours Black and white; mine red and white) but it also reminds me of the rainbow of colours that you drenched me into. I still remember your warmth on my hand, soft but firm, tucking a flick back behind my right ear…your voice..mixed with a hint of cinnamon tea reaching my ears, “You can’t just give up like this! Pull yourself together! I am always there for you! This is not the end! The phase that looks moribund is actually the transforming step. Yes! You are not going to stop at just being the caterpillar. You are very soon morphing into a butterfly! The brightest butterfly of our group, that shines with radiance and spreads happiness all over the place”. Since then, I started identifying with the butterfly. Infact, I would rather be your butterfly..sucking in the nectar of your love from the unfathomable depth of your heart…the elysian barricading of your arms..being my favourite flower!


Author: cascadesofhappiness

I am a perennial lover..of flowers, grass, rain, people, solitude, travelling, language, literature, culture, beauty, cinema, music,common sense, politeness, bravery, friends..and all the things that make this Life..lovable!!

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