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It was one of those brumous days when we didn’t know whether to rejoice or be depressed or put on a stoic face. When all the emotions could be felt spontaneously at the same time or you could be completely marred of any hormonal rush. After the initial euphoria settled down, the triumvirate of the handsome ganders started worrying about the incubation of the divinely ordained eggs in their nestle. The mist around their small pond could not surpass the misty future of the couplet of eggs that were kept hidden beneath the veneer of shreds of leaves…vying for attention. No! They weren’t ready to settle down for anything less than a goose for their incubation. The trio kept brooding over the skirmishes that they had with Sona, the only female of their group.

“You are the truculent one!”

“You are in persistent awe of your beauty!”

“There is nothing that we cant do without you!”

Their dialogues were reverberating now…gnawing at their conscience. They could have acted patiently, if they were not happy with the mood swings or emotional tantrums of Sona. With heavy heart, they decided to part ways with the small spheres of happiness stocked in a corner. Mohan had decided to give these to his friend in their nearby village. All of a sudden, they heard the familiar ruffling of feathery wings. With their craning necks, they shouted in unison, “Sona!!”

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She was navigating over the pond like a pregnant cloud over the parched land. The mood suddenly shifted to apricity! Yes, she felt like the warmth of sunshine in winters!

“I could feel, I was needed in my shack. In fact, I never felt as insouciant as i feel here. Now, don’t ruffle my feathers, I am going to be busy with the act closest to my heart” and she perched on the duo, brimming with pride and sheen.



Author: cascadesofhappiness

I am a perennial lover..of flowers, grass, rain, people, solitude, travelling, language, literature, culture, beauty, cinema, music,common sense, politeness, bravery, friends..and all the things that make this Life..lovable!!

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